github index

Tonboutique Designer A React-based tool to create record-cover-designs for Tonboutique Records. (site / repo)

Crazy Cool Developers A commumity of web-developers, focussing on cutting edge user experiences. (group / site / org)

The Grid A simulation of a destination-board, showing headlines from the New York Times API (site / repo)

Reflect An interactive music experience for any web-browser. made with p5.js (site / repo)

Hakusan Laboratory for CSS-typography. (site / repo)

Siddharta Experimental storytelling, based on the famous book by Hermann Hesse (site / repo)

The Wave An interactive music experience for your webbrowser, made with p5.js (site / repo)

Notepad Use Wordpress as a notepad (repo)

Random Word Generator Generate random words with three sillables and google their meaning. Great for finding a name for your band. But be warned: Low semantical value! (site / repo)